Week 8, Day 2 Overview, And Summary Of League

LEC returns for week 8 with an online format. Some teams have failed to adapt, but most of them have adapted very well to the online environment. Schalke 04 vs. Vitality Jayce / Gragas / Corki / Miss Fortune / Thresh vs. Sion / Lee sin / Le’Blanc / Ezreal / Blitzcrank Schalke 04 turned their season in the second round of the Spring Split quite well, but it wasn’t enough for them to secure a playground. If they had made the roster changes earlier, they probably would have qualified for the playoff games. Vitality needs to be rebuilt for the next season as the current iteration does not work. Week 8, Day 2 Overview, And Summary Of League European Championship 2020 By ScairtinFnatic vs. Rogue Ornn / Gragas / Cassiopeia / Ezreal / Sett vs. Vladimir / Lee sin / Viktor / Xayah / Rakan Fnatic played out of their minds, completely dominating Rogue’s bot lane with the set pick and refusing any opportunities back to come into play. They now look to be the second best team in Europe after G2 Esports. G2 Esports vs Excel Esports Neeko / Pantheon / Qiyana / Ziggs / Bard vs Malphite / Nocturne / Zoe / Varus / Tahm Kench A surprising Neeko pick in the top lane by Wunder unexpectedly took Excel. Jankos is the best jungle in LEC and its latest games on Pantheon prove it. He is capable of snowing his laners and carries the game himself on any champion, whether it be Pantheon, Sejuani, Lee sense or others.