Total War: Three Kingdoms Has Now

Here’s a little bit of an impact on everyone who picked up the most recent DLC from Creative Assembly’s Total War: Three Kingdoms called A World Betrayed. Creative Assembly is now bringing back the 1.5.1 patch that was originally released for all owners on April 2, 2020, and resetting all DLC owners to patch 1.5.0. This stems from a problem that caused 1.5.1 for the vast majority of players in which the patch would cause an accident on the table for the majority of players. Creative Assembly attempted to fix the patch, which was a hotfix for patch 1.5.0, when A World Betrayed was released, although it now looks like it could work in full to start working on a new 1.5.1 patch . This update should be 1.5.1. 2 be when it finally arrives at the standard testing base and open betas that players can choose through their Steam browser options for the title; Creative Assembly will let everyone know when the patch is ready.Total War: Three Kingdoms Has Now Reverted Everyone Back To 1.5.0 To Stop The CrashesIt is noteworthy that 1.5.1 has been tested for three days in Steam’s open beta that players can choose from, and it has been found to be stable enough to be available to the general public without requiring further testing. Creativee Assembly has not necessarily come up with exactly what they believe is the culprit. If you’re currently playing a world of betrayal, let’s roll it back to 1.5.0 now because of a serious bug. If you want to continue with the latest version of this crash error, you can accept the 1.5.1 beta.