The Sims 4 Six Month Roadmap Released With

EA and Maxis have announced their plans for The Sims 4 for the next six months. Although the game was released in September 2014, new content is released every few months. The modding community is also still working hard to create new content for the game. On a new blog post written by SimGuruDuke, the Sims 4 team outlined their plans for the next six months for game development.The Sims 4 Six Month Roadmap Released With Surprise Additions Coming This SummerAlthough the blog post did not provide details on what to expect, it nevertheless brought news that new content would be coming this summer. I know many of you keep asking about what’s next for @TheSims. We are working on 3 new packages for The Sims 4. Check out this blog ( for more information and be safe. #stayandplay # TheSims4 – Michael Duke (@SimGuruDuke) April 6, 2020 Most game developers and publishers work at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so most new content for games is slower than expected . In any case, the Sims 4 team continued to push to release new content. Over the next six months, players can expect a new expansion pack, game pack and game pack. Expansion packs are important content releases for the game that add new features such as jobs, characters, or anything else that can impact Sims lives. Game packs add new experiences or locations. Some of the most recent Game Packs were Realm of Magic and Strangerville, which added aliens. Stuff Packs are small additions with new objects or fashion. These are mainly cosmetic items.