The Massive MMO New World Has Unfortunately

New World is a massive MMO pending release from Amazon Game Studios. It shows a lot of promise in the visual and games section. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic causes Amazon to delay it until things are back to normal. So instead of releasing this May, August seems like the realistic timeframe. That’s not what a lot of excited fans are hoping to hear, but that’s to be expected at this point. Developers have to work from home, and that brings obstacles. The good news, though, is that Amazon will have more time to refine systems and work out delicacies. It just means a better MMO experience all around. If you haven’t heard of the New World yet, the story is about an ancient evil that damaged the lands of Aeternum.The Massive MMO New World Has Unfortunately Been Delayed By AmazonThe Corrupt now controls the eternal island and it is up to your character and others to fight for all that is good and pure. To do this, you can combine players with the help of social systems in the game. While in a party, you will be able to wage war and seek new land to conquer. Working with others seems like a great highlight of the New World. Of course, the game lets players dare to do their own thing. There is no wrong way to play New World; just endless possibilities. The fight is just as wonderful as the setting and story. The developer has given you a myriad of ways to approach enemy encounters, including hardcore melee or precision ranged attacks from a distance. Whichever way you want to play, there are systems and skills to unlock you.