Robert Downey Junior Explains

Tropic Thunder is easily one of the greatest comedy films of all time, revolving around a group of half a dozen actors, stranded in the Vietnamese jungles.

Robert Downey Junior wore a black dress in the 2008 film, which illustrates the difference between the all-new decade of the 2020s and the end of the 2000s. The character would never fly in today’s world, a recognized fact by Robert Downey Junior and Joe Rogan.

Robert Downey Junior Explains Why He Doesn’t Regret Doing Blackface In Tropic Thunder When appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the 54-year-old discussed his controversial portrayal of an African American man, saying that part of the joke showed how bad it was to wear ” blackface “to start.

Robert Downey Junior was initially reluctant to take on this role, said Robert. Ben Stiller, the director of the film, actually offered it, despite the concern of Robert’s mother, Elsie Ford. Downey Junior says his mother was “horrified” to find that he was going to wear a black face.

Elsie said, “I have a bad feeling about this,” and Downey Junior replied, “Yeah, me too, mom.” According to Ironman actor Ben called to ask him if this would be something that interested him. Downey Junior said he thought Sean Penn had already passed it on.

Downey Junior then joked with the host of the notorious podcast that one of the best parts about it is the fact that he may have been “black for the summer.” In addition, the actor claims that many of his black friends were satisfied with the role, however, not everyone was.

That same year, Downey Junior was beaten by Heath Ledger of The Dark Knight for the SAG, Golden Globe and Oscar awards for best supporting actor.

As noted above, despite the controversial nature of the film, Tropic Thunder is considered by many to be one of the greatest comedy films of the 2000s, perhaps even the best.
Even the Tom Cruise cameo in the film was widely worshiped by fans and marked an important point in his career. The same year, Robert Downey Junior had just completed Ironman, which launched the commercially successful comic book series.