OneyWare Releases Gameplay Trailer

“It was a normal day on planet Earth when a young boy and his poochingus snuck out of their mom and decided to frolic in the nearby woods. Alas, what they found was going to change their lives forever. ”

This is the setting for the next safe masterpiece, Bowlbo: The Quest for Bing Bing. If you’re active in the Let’s Play gaming community, you may know Oney Plays. Led by Chris “Oney” O’Neill, the experienced host and professional funnyman brings his friends to the show for general blunders.

But playing games can only be fun for so long. Sometimes you just need to create your own. At least, that’s what Oney decided, giving birth to his OneyWare game studio and the development of their first game, Bowlbo.
OneyWare Releases Gameplay Trailer For Debut Game Bowlbo: The Quest For Bing Bing
It was somewhat silent in the months following the game’s announcement about a year ago, with a few Twitter updates but slow progress overall. But Oney and company have decided to release a new trailer to present the gameplay of the next title.

“Your canine companion, taken by a witch to a horrible place. . . what are you gonna do there? ”

The trailer is incredibly short – of the 56 seconds of execution, only 15 seconds show the actual gameplay. The Bowlbo holder charges from left to right on a side scrolling screen like any good hero, fleeing from probably giant and beautifully animated demons, sliding on a giant bone in an aqueous pit and crossing what seems to be the Leprechaun trailer more angry property.

Even if we only have about 15 seconds of play, there is an incredible amount to show. The first thing that stands out is the incredibly worked backgrounds, as well as the great variety between them. Bowlbo crosses a hilly countryside, a canton by the sea, a landscape burning with fire and sulfur, and several other charming places. It helps to offer the huge variety that we will face when we finally come to save Bing Bing for ourselves.

Bowlbo itself seems to be versatile. We see it in.