Monster Hunter: World Has Begun Their Holiday

Monster Hunter: World is a fantastic title that successfully brought the Monster Hunter franchise out of the old era into dazzling new graphics and immersive worlds, largely due to the fact that this is the first title sold in outside the domain of Nintendo, which spans this PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even PC.

Although it has taken its fair share of lumps, all seemingly focused on the wildly sloppy update that was the Iceborne extension finally arriving on PC, it seems that the majority of the issues have been fixed. We are all back to carving monsters in the hope that we can use some of the pieces of his corpse to build a shiny new piece of jewelry.
Monster Hunter: World Has Begun Their Holiday Joy Fest Today With Two Events
It may be a little selfish and a little brutal, but you should see the new weapon I made using one of their thorns!

he new event is again divided into two levels, depending on whether or not you have the Iceborne extension; only the owners of the base game will experience Winter Fest again. If you have Iceborne, however, you can join the Cool Kids Club and experience the joy of the Holiday Joy Fest!

To simply log into the game during the Holiday Joy Fest (which runs from now until March 12), you will receive an event ticket, as is standard. The current banknotes are called merry banknotes, which can be used for a wide variety of crafts or for a currency exchange.

For hunting during the Holiday Joy Fest, you will receive VIP Joyful Tickets (Capcom’s standard naming conventions are in play here) which you can also create or exchange, resulting in a more premium item exclusive to the event. Wearing the standard Oolong armor that you can get from Joyful Tickets is the best way to ensure that your monster hunts result in more Joyful VIP tickets; com