Meghan Markle Is Called Trailer Trash

No matter what Meghan Markle does – the drama seems to follow and sometimes without fault on her part.

This week, Victoria Mather, a British journalist, made a lot of noise after she appeared on live television and more or less called her trailer basket. Meghan Markle Is Called Trailer Trash On Live TV By This Reporter — Fans Of Prince Harry’s Wife React

Mather was a guest of MSNBC, and she was interviewed in London when asked to share her thoughts on Meghan and Prince Harry’s return to the UK for their farewell tour.

The Duchess of Sussex and her husband shocked the world in January when they revealed their decision to retire as members of the royal family, become financially independent, and move to Canada with their baby boy, Archie.

Mather, who is not a fan of the Duchess of Sussex,
The reporter explained, “I think what really, really upset the British audience was that Meghan Markle, which a lot of people think of as only, you know, five clicks away from the trailer basket, has tried to disrespect the queen. And the queen is the most respected person, the most respected woman is not the first time that the journalist has attacked the former actress. In late 2019, she wrote a play calling Markle “the duchess of excess”, and said that Harry was “the ugly boy we loved, the soldier who served courageously in Afghanistan” who is now ” the prince of revival ”She wrote:“ Catherine [Duchess of Cambridge] comes from a stable and very close family. Meghan comes from a unfortunately dysfunctional family, which leads her to be unpleasantly dragged like a trailer. Her self-distant acting career recently included a role in a cable TV series – film