Kylie Jenner Is A Weird Beyoncé Doppelganger

Kylie Jenner may have pushed her obsession with Beyoncé too far. In the past, Kylie and her sisters have been accused of stealing looks from some iconic figures, including Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, and judging by things, they won’t stop not anytime soon, and people on social media are getting tired of it.

Kylie went to social media for the second consecutive night to show off her idea of ​​being a scary lookalike for Queen Bey. Kylie Jenner Is A Weird Beyoncé Doppelganger In Skin-Tight Bodysuit And Fans Are Calling Travis Scott’s Baby Mama Out For The Creepy Obsession

Kylie first posted a few photos with blonde hair and a green leopard print dress to the floor where she looked like Jay-Z’s wife.

A few minutes ago, Kylie wore a similar Marine Serre outfit that Beyoncé wore several weeks ago. Many have turned to social media to call on Kylie to go too far.

One person said, “Kylie. !! You will all say bey because it is Beyoncè. Imagine not wanting to be yourself. She wore Beyoncé for the start of the Hallo
Another fan said, “I hope Kylie gets ready for a Halloween party early on when she pays tribute to Bey because it is starting to get scary. The family is obsessed with Beyoncé, Rihanna and Miss Campbe. This commentator replied: “Beyoncé does not do pairing … It defines trends ow How Kylie looks more like Beyoncé than Beyoncé. Kylie went from a white woman to a black woman with fair skin 🤔