Ilysia Is An Upcoming VR MMORPG Title From Team

The idea of ​​an MMORPG that works in the VR world is a very popular thought. Games, books and movies have been talking about it for years. Team 21 Studio offers the first of its kind because Ilysia promises to be an RPG for each VR system. Players will be able to travel side by side in their quest through a magical world and fight bosses, explore dungeons and live in a fantasy realm.

The game is built from a Patreon page rather than just pushing for Kickstarter. They engage their fledgling community through the Patreon page every month or so while they talk about taverns. Gold customers are invited to the game itself to discover the new features implemented in the magical world of Ilysia.

Developers like to keep secrets. Xander and Arthur Fogle both love to suggest and tease content, and they are the host
Ilysia Is An Upcoming VR MMORPG Title From Team 21 Studio, More Information Availiable After The Most Recent Tavern Talk
monthly Tavern Talks. They serve as guides around the world as they indicate areas of interest and answer an endless stream of questions with complete transparency.

It’s almost unknown in the game development industry when they talk about the good and the bad that goes on behind the scenes. Even through the troubles, the amount of passion and love that the two brothers have for this game is palpable in each of their tavern talks. Their enthusiasm to share this creation with the fans overflows because they are very actively ready for anything their community demands.

The last of these tavern discussions took place on February 29. Players appeared in a jungle area with vines to swing and a temple to climb. Arthur Fogle acts as a guide for this and guides the conversation slightly, but seems to take a very decent approach.