GogojOey Claims Victory In Cranky Ducklings

We’ve covered a lot of Cranky Ducklings tournaments, from AusCraft to their Katowice feeds, but their weekly Grand Platypus Open tournaments still seem to be another beast. Open only to SEA / OCE regions, the Grand Platypus Open brings together a dozen competitors each week to try their luck at certain OSC points, a monetary reward, but above all, the crown of the Grand Platypus Open Champion.

This week was the 21st tournament, and had a special list. With ten players, we had six main Zergs and four main Protoss, with no Terran players. This has led to quite a few mirror matches and basic nail exchanges, as well as a great mix of aggressive Zerg harassment and Protoss defensive poke.
GogojOey Claims Victory In Cranky Ducklings’ Grand Platypus Open #21 StarCraft Tournament!
But only one player can become the weekly champion of the Grand Platypus, and he did it in style this time. GogojOey won the crown of this week’s Grand Platypus Open, beating former champions MeomaikA and Bistork to do so!

This week’s line-up was filled with incredible competitors. Demi returned from his hiatus he took after winning the first fourteen Grand Platypus Open consecutively, but has failed to win since his return. This tournament saw him crash in the semifinals after a 2-0 series against compatriot Zerg MeomaikA.

Moving on to the bottom, Demi faced off against the Protoss Ranger and Bistork, managing to win the Ranger before Bistork eliminated him completely from the tournament.

Likewise, MeomaikA continued to lose against