Developer TiMi Studios Are Removing Zombie Mode

Call of Duty: Mobile Reddit), although this is a highly requested feature, they officially withdraw the Zombies modes from Call of Duty: Mobile on March 25.

Fans have been asking for it for a while and it got a decent welcome, so why withdraw it? According to the message, while fans may have liked the mode, the developers themselves were just not too happy with how it went. As for justifying its removal, they mention the fact that the mode was launched as a limited functionality, which they have clearly indicated in the past.
Developer TiMi Studios Are Removing Zombie Mode From Call Of Duty: Mobile Later This Month
This means that the second card, Nacht Der Untoten, will not be released. However, they continue to say that if they can get the mode to a place that meets their particular standards, it could return from the dead. Again. And that would bring Nacht Der Untoten with him.

This should appeal to fans of the mode who are sad to see him go. It’s more than a “never say never” response, which really doesn’t say anything. This is an indication that developers are still interested in working on and updating the mode. The popularity of Call of Duty is beyond measure, and Zombies mode is both a staple in the series and one of its most coveted features. I would not count it.