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Whitebox takes the pain out of running a retail business. We bring smart, simple and scalable logistics to companies of all sizes. We break the barriers between logistics, technology and data to offer practical solutions that work. Be it your retail store or e-commerce store, we will manage your back-end logistics and provide real-time compliance. With an inventory overview on all sales channels, make better decisions and get more time to do the things you love.

Apart from the availability of several inventory management systems, it is never truly surprising to learn that retailers adhere to more traditional methods to compensate for their stock. To reduce costs, they are based on a basic spreadsheet and inventory / manual verification, but may not be accurate. Between tracking orders for products in and offline, knowing the amount available and dealing with cancellations, returns or exchanges, inventory changes per minute. Electronic commerce creates freelance seo more complexity. In a short amount of time, your spreadsheets make you stumble and you waste time and money trying to correct mistakes because the physical numbers don’t match those on paper. Trying to set a fixed shelf location for a product can be costly and not optimize rack space, and returned stock creates more chaos: returns can be very random and everything tends to return to one place. Building a modern inventory management system to track available inventory and sales does not have to be expensive or complicated, even a system that tracks the movements of your products and provides real-time updates.