Eezypass driving school have a great reputation amongst their pupils with high pass rates and a automatic driving lessons in kettering grade A driving instructor and so are your ideal choice for automatic driving lessons in Kettering. Eezy pass are alocal driving school, so when you ring you will get to speak to the person who will be teaching you – not some remote person in a call centre. So you will be able to ask all the questioons you want to before booking your automatic driving lessons and so can be assured about the quality of the drivin glessons you will recieve. Eezydrive offers a full range of automatic driving lessons in Kettering and surrounding areas to suit everyone. Learning to drive in an automatic car is much easier than a manual one and whether you are a complete beginner to driving or had some experience before, then automatic driving lessons would be an excellent way for you to learn to drive and pass your driving test. Nervous drivers and those that have tried manual before are especially welcome. All of our pupils are taught on a one to one basis, with each driving lesson structured to your particular needs and abilities based on both an initial and ongoing assessment.

Our aim is, not only to help you pass your driving test, but to ensure you enjoy learning to drive with our Driving School. We are a local driving school, not run from a call centre in another city. When you have a question or need further assistance, at Eezypass Driving School we will know who you are, your instructor, and your progress through the course. We are here for you!You receive personalised lesson plans and a progress report. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. You might be brilliant with the theory behind driving but require a bit of extra time behind the wheel, or vice versa. Our driving lessons come complete with bespoke tools to chart your progress through the course. There’s no need to stress about the test –you’ll know when you’re ready! We don’t use “trainee” or potential driving instructors. Your driving lessons will ALWAYS be conducted by a fully qualified professional. All of our driving instructors are highly experienced and fully qualified.​ You are NOT just an hourly rate. You’ll never waste time at the roadside for taking advantage of one of our special offers or promotions. No matter what your age or level of experience, you’re a priority customer at our driving school and will always be treated as such!