Freetissue marketing proven in malaysia

The tissue-pack advertising was developed and common applied to japan train station at the end of 1960s, akimoto hatsuharu, owner of pepa industrial company. Foresee the and long lasting impacts of tissue-pack advertising, and this individual established the training of tissue box supplier malaysia and completely develop the distribution route of material marketing during the 1970s. Zhi huang industrial corp., ltd set up as a partnership with pepa industrial company. In taiwan, and found their operations and production operating out of yong-he, taipei county.

Primarily focus on skin cells products processing and flesh marketing funnel in taiwan market. Zhi huang newspaper product manufacturing plant established like a joint venture with pepa commercial co. In dongguan, china and tiawan. Mainly concentrate on manufacturing field facial cells, paper napkins, pocket tissue, wallet cells to support and provide the demand of tissue advertising activities on the market. With more than 42 personnel and 58 marketing and high grade gift firm engaged, pepa marketing sdn bhd continue the japanese president akimoto hatsuharu tissue circulation system inside the malaysia marketplace, and build an extremely strong and supportive tissues distribution port under freetissue marketing. Freetissue marketing proven in malaysia, and centered its workplace in penang with give attention to creates cost-effective advertising equipment for clientele with different wants.


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