van công nghiệp

Electromagnetic valves have a mechanism to open and shut the operation is stable and effective.Stainless steel valves square measure product of stainless-steel for water or for a few varieties of water, food, acid, chemicals … stainless-steel water valves have several lines, ball valve, gate valve, unidirectional valve … For additional info on:van công nghiệp is created of copper in Kingdom of Thailand sensible material. However, we must always use caution with counterfeit merchandise. Sanwa water valve uses low copper part with several harmful substances like lead.

Two-way water valve: may be a valve series designed to create the water flowing back and forth two ways that to use are often closed and open in line with the user’s preferences. biface water valves typically use either a gate valve or a valve, as shown within the figure below:Industrial water valves square measure valves used for large-scale domestic water system, industrial zones, water system in urban areas and irrigation of huge diameter industrial water valves.

This is a line of valves that use electricity to open and shut rather than victimization human power. electrical water valves typically apply 220V or 24V and 12V current counting on the perform of every valve.Electromagnetic valve may be a valve designed to be used in compressed gas, water and liquids by electrically operated gap and shutting by magnetic attraction force performing on 2 varieties of 3-way valves, 2 closed doors and one open and the other way around. The 2-door is less complicated than a closed door associate degreed an open door.


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