Get Amazon Add On Items Delivered Free With Prime

Amazon Prime is great if, like me, you purchase things from the Amazon site frequently. Getting free next day shipping means you know when things will arrive and in most cases items are shipped by a named courier service which means they can be tracked easily online, through the couriers site or via an app. This is great when you want to buy that new laptop or TV but some items are classed as Amazon Add On Items and do not qualify for free prime next day shipping by themselves.×300.png
These Amazon Add on items tend to be low priced items under £10 where the cost of shipping next day would be prohibitive to Amazon or the seller in the Amazon marketplace.

The Add On items can qualify for free Amazon Prime next day delivery but they must be bought along with items where the total order value is £10 or more. The additional items also need to be prime eligible.

So you can be in a situation where you need an item quickly but the item you want to buy is one of these Add On items and you do not really have a need to purchase anything else. Normally you would need to pay for the next day delivery charge but if you have Amazon Prime then there is a hack you can use to get the item delivered next day free of charge.

This hack works due to 2 things:

1. Amazon don’t charge you for an item until it is dispatched, this saves them from having to refund if an item cannot be sent.
2. You can pre order items on Amazon. Items such as DVDs and CDs are often available for pre order so they are shipped when released.

Using these 2 points you can overcome the £10 limit required to gain free next day delivery on an Add On item.

What you need to do is find an item that is available for pre order where the price added to the actual item you want is over £10. Look in the DVD section, there are usually plenty of films there which are due for release in the next few weeks. Place that item into your basket then go and add the item you want also into your Amazon Basket. In case you loved this informative article and you would like to receive more information regarding selling on amazon prime assure visit our internet site.

The next step is going to the checkout and checking out as usual. Make sure you do not have the option to group together your order into one package enabled, you need to have the ship as items come available option selected. Also make sure you have Prime next day selected as the delivery option.

Complete the checkout and the item you wanted should be processed and at your address the next working day. Once you have the goods log on to Amazon and cancel the outstanding order for the additional item. Amazon will not have charged you yet for this.


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