Serviced Apartment In Singapore

Singapore Expats comprehensive list of service flats in Singapore. realize short term company housing or rental accommodation for brief term monthly rental or extended keep.Serviced Apartment In Singaporeserviced apartment

A maintained flat could be a absolutely furnished with flat obtainable for each short-run additionally as long-run stays, providing all the hotel-like amenities and with facilities like gymnasium, athletic facility, car park, security or maybe lawn tennis courts. Services like WiFi, maid service, laundry, space service ar ordinarily enclosed.

Please contact  to feature to the current list or have a additional elaborate listing for your flat services. Advertisers during this page are featured within the enquiry kind.The word ‘hotel’ may sound common to the bulk, but the service flat remains a vocabulary significantly to those that don’t travel often or folks that haven’t had a chance to urge accommodation there.To modify this for you, a service flat could also be a well given flat and is accessible for transient term or long haul stays, and provides amenities for daily use.

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