Quality Verses amount backlinks

Let’s say your web site is all regarding commercialism Dog Foods and you wish to your web site to be rank higher position than your competitors. Let’s assume your competition has 2000 backlinks, as per google you would like to create over 2000 backlinks to achieve that position. Am I right?

So you started building backlinks from varied niches i.e. Cat, Shoes, Garden, Ocean, Fish, etc. and with success build over 2000 backlinks. What does one assume, can your web site take your competition position? an enormous NO, it cannot.

The reason behind this can be, your web site is all regarding commercialism pet-food however the backlinks square measure from totally different niches, that is totally digressive. Google doesn’t like this sort of backlinks and might|it’s going to|it should} doable that your web site may penalise by google. Google considers these kind backlinks as spammy links.

You must build relevant backlinks. If you web site is in Dog niche then all the backlinks ought to from Dog relevant niches. which will boost your web site ranking. Building thousands of digressive backlinks can ne’er assist you to accomplish your goal to urge a stronger positioning in search engines.

I have analyzed several websites and located that solely quality and relevant backlinks helps to urge higher positioning. Quality backlinks matter than amount.

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