Lanz has for over two decades been developing a co-ordinated response to a growing demand from companies for a well informed strategy in the acquisition and running of hardware and software. We hope to introduce to you in this brochure our core services. As we have grown we have been forming new partnerships; creating new opportunities for our clients and thus placing them at the forefront of computer technology. Lanz is a dynamic, flexible and independent organisation with a clear vision.Our aim is simple: to provide the finest service in our field by forming new alliances with our clients. Long-term relationships lead to excellent communication.

Lanz holds to the ideas and precepts of a traditional business, we value our clients. We actively seek to encourage and improve their competitiveness and efficiency. To meet their challenges with them. In the rapidly changing world of computer technology, it is essential to have a profound knowledge of each significant innovation. We can anticipate these developments . We fulfil the total remit, with our assistance the client can move towards the future with confidence.


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